Master Repair 8000

MR 8000 Features

Master Repair 8000 is our Legacy product and no longer receives updates. All clients still on our legacy product should call Master Repair to upgrade to MR 9000.

Unlimited Invoices

There are no limits in Master Repair! Create 100 or 10,000 in a month your business will never stop.

Unlimited Estimates

You have the ability to go from Estimate to RO and RO back to Estimate with ease and no limits.

Vin Look Up

Enter a VIN or License Plate and decode which year, make and model vehicle you're working with.

Dispatch & Appointments

All your planned work in one area!

Canned Jobs

Save time with our Canned Job feature. No more wasting time writing down all line items.


Master Repair has over 50 reports to help track everything your business does on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. ( Included Reports: Profits, Marketing, Technicians, Sales, AR, Misc, Time Clock, Customers, etc.

In Depth Search

Search by all categories to find what you need in MR. From, Last Name, Make, Model, RO# etc.

Technician Time Clock

This module allows you see your technicians progress or time spent on a job and the profitability of each of those jobs.

Inventory Management

Master Repair easily adds parts to RO’s, Estimates and keeps track of your entire inventory.


With our in-depth customer tracking, you will know everything about all your customers.

Inspection Sheets

With over 13 inspection sheets at your disposal your check-in, check-out or multi-point inspection are easy to document and follow.


With our networking feature, you have the ability to add users within your shop.

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