Frequently Asked Questions

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1.) In the Demo Version of Master Repair, how do I enter my company name?
From The Main Menu, click Utility, Company Information, Change. Enter you company name, address etc. in the code field enter 99, then click OK.


2.) How long is the demo good for?
The demo is good for 25 transactions. This includes Repair Orders, Estimates and Appointments.


3.) What are the minimum requirements to operate Master Repair 8000?
The program needs: 256MB ram (or better), Pentium I (or faster), CD drive, Laser or Ink Jet printer, 1GB of free space (minimum)


4.) How do I change the sales tax rate?
From the Main menu click on Utility, Parameter, Change. Then go to the sales tax field and enter the new rate (i.e. for 7.25% enter .0725).


5.) How do I print my postcards?
From the Main menu click on Customers, Post Card Reminder, Print All Mail Cards due to Print. Then check all the boxes and click OK.


6.) How do I get my backup to work?
We strongly recommend that you backup your Master Repair 8000 folder to external media, such as a CD. Always use the procedure recommended by the media you are using.

If you have a network system, make sure that all the remote stations are out of Master Repair. The backup procedure can only be done with Station ID equal to 1.


7.) How do I add a new vehicle to an existing customer without writing a repair order?
From the Main menu click on Customers, Add/Modify Customer, Find and search for the customer. Then double click on any of the existing vehicles.

This will take you to the vehicle screen, you than click on Add New Vehicle.

Enter the information and click OK.


8.) How do I take a partial payment on an A/R account when a customer picks up the vehicle?
At the total section of the repair order select payment type to “A/R” for the full amount. Then print a copy of the finished repair order and go to the Main menu. Click on Customers, Receive Payments. Find the customer and enter the payment. Remember to enter the payment type as “P”, the repair order number in the document field.


9.) How do I delete a duplicate customer?
Because of the history associated with a customer, you can only deactivate the customer. To do so from the Main menu click Customers, Add/Modify Customers, find the customer click on Change. Uncheck the box “Check Here For Active”, and then click OK.


10.) How do I line up the printing of my labels?
When you are ready to print your labels, make sure you select the proper Avery form selection box and make sure you check if you are using laser or ink jet. DO NOT use dot matrix printers. Before sending the job to the printer, send it to the screen. Then click on the “P” on the top right hand corner and select to print one page only. When the labels print OK, repeat the same sequence but send the job directly to the printer.


11.) How do I get a total ticket discount?
Master Repair allows entering a discount in the Part, Labor, and/or Sublet sections. You cannot apply a discount at the bottom of the Total. This is due to sales tax regulations.