MR Quick Tip: Station ID vs User ID

The Master Repair security screen will always ask for a “Station/User Number” when logging in to the software.  Do you know the difference between a Station ID and a User ID number?

As many of you know, User ID #1 has master access to all parts of the program, while all other numbers can have limited access rights.  When using the User ID log in, each person in the shop will receive a number.  When they use a machine, they will enter in their number and password.  You are able to give certain access rights to individual people.  This allows the shop to have added security because you can view which User ID is logged in.

You can also use Station ID numbers, which are set for the specific computer.  This is useful if, for example, there is a computer in the parts department where you want to limit access to repair orders or reports. You can mark this computer, “Station 2,” so that anyone who signs in on that computer will not be able to view the repair orders.  “Station 1” might be the owner’s or office computer.

You can grant as many numbers as you would like in the Station ID Password under Utility.  However, according to your serial number, you may only have so many stations logged in at a certain time (this is only the case for network users).

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